Giftz™ has a value proposition for both customers and merchants. On one hand, customers are rewarded by itCoin tokens for their purchases. On the other hand, merchants distinguish themselves amongst similar businesses and also build loyalty with their clients. $16 Billion rewards go unredeemed each year in the USA alone. One of the reasons for this is, that most points can be used solely for the business issuing them. With Giftz™, all your loyalty points will be connected and thus customers will easily be able to acquire amounts which are actually spendable and worth something. On the other side, using the Giftz™ Network, merchants will be able to easily and inexpensively build their own cash-back system. is much more than an idea. Their success story has started 2012, by introducing ITC-Coin rewards for surveys. Now the system contains many ways for customers to earn tokens. The number of merchants and partners has also grown rapidly in the last couple of years, so now the value of holding the loyalty card is even bigger, and it is only increasing with the time.

Start date: 24-11-2017

End date: 22-02-2018


Contact: Rodrigo

ICO: 12,000,000

Start Bonus: Bonus will be announced soon