is a global project for constructing city aero taxi infrastructure powered by blockchain and using tokens for all transactions between elements.

eVTOLs are flying vehicles with electric engines and vertical take-off and landing. They look like drones, but are larger and can carry people. 18 companies are working on them. 3 have prototypes. Daimler Ventures, Boeing, Geely/Volvo, Tencent and Atomico Ventures are investing into eVTOL production. Flying cars are not a sci-fi movie anymore. They are real and they are closer than you think.

There are other sides of the industry: chargers, landing pads, maintenance, mobile apps. Like in motor industry, it’s not enough to build a car – you have to create infrastructure around them, make a protocol to connect eVTOLs with chargers, chargers with landing pads, pads with mobile apps, mobile apps with passengers, and that’s exactly what is about. Powered by blockchain and with tokens for all transactions, free and open for entrepreneurs of all kinds.

What charger will support my eVTOL? Can I pay for the charger with USD? How much do I pay to use a landing pad? And what if I want to buy an eVTOL vehicle and use it as a taxi? makes all interactions between all elements transparent, simple and accessible for everybody. For every usage of the infrastructure element someone is paying to another one with tokens. It’s better then fiat money. Why?

Because McFly token is not money. It’s a function. For example, it can be a minute of flight. Or 10 minutes of charging. Or 30 minutes of parking. And it doesn’t matter where you are, in Dubai or in New York. It’s gonna be just a token.

The beauty of this design is simple yet complex: every token designates not only settlements information, but also information about infrastructure and tariffs. It means that McFly lets prices be evolutionally organic and therefore really fair. You can’t control prices and no other can. All costs are based on the transparent and open competition inside the grid of elements. It’s good for city dwellers as they will get an affordable and spectacular way to avoid traffic jams. It’s good for entrepreneurs as we are going to show an easy way to join a huge new market. It’s good for manufacturers as they can use the ready infrastructure.

Start date: 07-11-2017

End date: 25-12-2017


ICO: 1 800 000 000 tokens

Start Bonus: 35%



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