An efficient payment solution for retail merchants

RPay is a revolutionary approach to Retail and Trade. It is built on an ecosystem of P2P connected nodes with no servers for transaction authentication, ensuring a completely decentralized backend built over blockchain technology. RPay leverages web 2.0 to allow users to interact and exchange value directly, eliminating the need for middlemen, which in turn, banishes fees, overhead restrictions and the inherent delays in transaction and settlement.


R Pay’s vision is to make cryptocurrency mainstream and achieve widespread adoption by enabling everyone to pay using crypto for retail and services in this Blockchain Era. It aims to do so by providing seamless user experience without the need for a steep learning curve, yet retaining the security, transparency, and usability of cryptocurrency. RPay will allow users to shop for retail products, consumer and professional services, using R Token, which is an inherent cryptocurrency fueling the RPay platform. The power of community will assist consumers to make verified purchases and save approximately 50% to 90% on transaction costs for products and services they love and use in daily life!

Start date: 24-01-2018

End date: 10-03-2018


ICO: 90000000

Start Bonus: 10 %