Winstars is a decentralized gaming platform with a catalog of gambling resources, the core is built on Blockchain and smart contracts.

We rely on simple and attractive games designed for anyone, not even a gambler, with transparent and guaranteed honest results.

The goal of the project is to create an international, absolutely transparent gambling operator built on the basis of Ethereum, with the ability to check the history of each bet and game, with attractive affiliate program and the best opportunities to earn on the gambling market.

Pre-sale start date: 10-05-2018

Pre-sale end date: 20-06-2018

Start date: 03-06-2018

End date: 03-07-2018


Contact: Egor Volotkovich

ICO: Soft (min) cap 5 000 000 USD | Hard cap 20 500 000 USD

Start Bonus: PreSale - 0,16 USD per token | ICO - 0,2 USD per token