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Total BTC Market Cap Transactions 24hr Transactions per hour Bitcoins sent 24hr Bitcoins sent per hour
14,231,725.00 BTC 4,834,561,725.00 USD
3,879,625,212.00 EUR
3,074,658,777.00 GBP
266,840.00 11,118.33 3,873,133.93 BTC 161,380.58 BTC
Count Difficulty Next Difficulty ( in 347 blocks ) Network Hashrate ( GH/s )
745,590 14,776,367,535,689 47,150,109,359 181,149,186,152
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Currency 24h 7 days 30 days
EUR 21288.22 - -
GBP 18149.49 - -
JPY 2997456.82 - -
USD 21761.24 - -

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