Monthly Archives: June 2014

Report: Silk Road likely reduced drug violence

Posted on 2nd June, 2014

There’s a reason that the criminal underworld tends to be a violent, dangerous place to do business. It’s a closed system where everyone involved faces serious criminal consequences should something go wrong. Control of a city’s drug market is generally limited by a handful of suppliers, and they’ll all fight tooth and nail to maintain […]

After a weekend high of $675, bitcoin drops back to $626

Posted on 2nd June, 2014

Breaking with a long tradition of boring weekends, bitcoin prices surged to the highest levels since early March over Saturday and Sunday. With average prices briefly breaking the $675 wall on Sunday, prices soon dropped back to the $625 range seen through most of Monday. On some smaller exchanges, such as Vault of Satoshi, bitcoin […]

Texas regulators approve bitcoin-for-alcohol sales

Posted on 2nd June, 2014

The Texas Coinitiative, a cryptocurrency advocacy group in the Lonestar State, recently sent an inquiry letter to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission hoping to clarify a fundamental question: Is it legal to buy alcohol with bitcoin? According to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC), it’s not a problem. TABC Director of Communications and Governmental Relations […]

Report: MultiBit wallet to charge transaction fee

Posted on 1st June, 2014

With an estimated 1.8 million downloads, MultiBit is easily the most popular bitcoin wallet client for Windows-based machines. Recently, however, a series of high-profile glitches and seemingly dismissive developer comments have soured community support for the three-year old software project. With a new version of the software nearing completion, the “cash-strapped” developers have proposed a […]