Monthly Archives: June 2014

Bloomberg adds WinkDex to ticker

Posted on 17th June, 2014

Although the Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust is still making its way through the SEC maze, the “Winklevii” do have some good news to share. The duo’s “blended bitcoin price index,” better known as the WinkDex, was added to the official Bloomberg price ticker today. Bloomberg subscribers can view the index under the symbol WINKBTCO. While the […]

Bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik talk about the BitSat orbiting bitcoin node

Posted on 17th June, 2014

In April, bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik revealed plans to launch a small, orbiting satellite acting as a blockchain node. The fittingly dubbed “BitSat” would act as a one-to-many connection, helping to protect the bitcoin network from a variety of possible peer-to-peer attacks and network outages. Thanks to advances in launch and satellite technology, each orbiting […]

TigerDirect rolls out bitcoin support for Canadian shoppers

Posted on 17th June, 2014

Earlier this year, online discount electronics retailer TigerDirect joined the then-small club of mainstream businesses to launch a bitcoin-payment option. Given that TigerDirect’s tech-loving core customer base has quite an overlap with the bitcoin community, the move was hugely popular, with the company seeing over $1 million in BTC-only sales in the first two months. […]

Report: 30 bitcoin ATMs to open in Vancouver

Posted on 17th June, 2014

The launch of a single bitcoin ATM is still relatively big news in the cryptocurrency world. At the moment, the machines are uncommon even on the streets of large cities, and practically unheard of in smaller ones. In Vancouver, Canada, a bitcoin startup called Quadriga CX has announced plans to make virtual currency ATMs as […]

Payment processor Digital River integrates bitcoin payments

Posted on 16th June, 2014

Digital River may not be as well known as PayPal, but the Minnetonka, Minnesota, online payment processor is a giant in the world of business-to-business payments. The company processed $30 billion in online transactions in 2013, with most of that coming from very large clients like Microsoft, Spotify, Logitech, Trend Mirco and Citrix. Although it […]

Report: BitGo raises $12 million in new investment

Posted on 16th June, 2014

Many in the bitcoin development world have claimed that 2014 will be the “Year of Multi-Sig.” Until today, that seemed like little more than wishful thinking by security focused coders. With $12 million in new investment, multi-signature wallet provider BitGo can make the case it’s at least the month of multi-sig. According to a report […] issues statement about 51% situation

Posted on 16th June, 2014

Over the weekend, bitcoin mega-pool controlled more than half of the network’s hashing power. Given that bitcoin was designed to be decentralized, with no particular party having any significant authority over the network, this was a deeply troubling development. Even worse, the GHash situation was a clear demonstration that bitcoin was unambiguously vulnerable to […]

Bitcoin startup DigitalBTC launches on Australian Securities Exchange

Posted on 16th June, 2014

The latest addition to the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) may give an indication of things to come for bitcoin investment later this year. Starting today, Australia-based bitcoin services provider DigitalBTC has become the first cryptocurrency company to be traded on a major world exchange. Although DigitalBTC’s business model is based primarily on bitcoin mining, rather […]

Report: Chinese Payments Association moves to block all bitcoin activity from banking sector

Posted on 15th June, 2014

Earlier this year, the People’s Bank of China did almost everything within its power to discourage large-scale trading in bitcoin. When threats and warnings didn’t work, it forbade bitcoin companies from using the country’s payment system. Exchanges soon found ways around this, working with third-party processors to obscure payments. When bitcoin prices and trading again […]

GHash fallout prompts BitFury to pull 1.5PH/s from pool

Posted on 14th June, 2014

Industrial bitcoin mining company BitFury announced today that it has moved 1.5 petahash from the pool following widespread concerns of hashrate centralization and growing fears about the potential of a 51% attack. The company maintains two high-powered mining facilities in Iceland and Finland, taking advantage of those countries extremely low energy costs. Should the […]