Monthly Archives: July 2014

New Japanese bitcoin exchange planned by former Goldman Sachs trader

Posted on 22nd July, 2014

In the nearly six months since Mt.Gox imploded, two major things have happened to the bitcoin community in Japan. The first is that Japan’s population became aware of bitcoin in a very big way, as coverage of the failed exchange and the $500 million loss became headline news in a country that had previously seen […]

Report: iOS messaging service Gliph restores bitcoin functionality

Posted on 22nd July, 2014

Late last year, secure private messaging app Gliph was forced to remove a bitcoin-sending feature in order to remain available on the iTunes app store. The move was highly unpopular in the bitcoin community, and added to speculation that Apple was becoming openly hostile to all services related to bitcoin. Recently, Apple updated its terms […]

WinkDex launches developer API

Posted on 22nd July, 2014

In another sign that the Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust is marching steadily towards Securities and Exchange Commission approval, the trust’s proprietary index, the WinkDex, officially opened its API to developers today. The WinkDex is a blended index created specifically for pricing the Winklevoss twins’ exchange traded fund for would-be investors. The API has been available to […]

Report: Chamber of Digital Commerce to advocate for bitcoin regulation

Posted on 21st July, 2014

Speaking at the North American Bitcoin Conference (NABC) on Satuday, Forbes columnist and former congressional staffer Perianne Boring announced plans to create a “Chamber of Digital Commerce” to advocate for sensible bitcoin regulations at the federal level. The move follows the initiation of pro-cryptocurrency lobbying efforts by Falcon Global Capital in May, and a more […]

Report: After spirited auction, “Last Bitc0in Supper” sells for $2,900

Posted on 21st July, 2014

As part of today’s global cultural zeitgeist, it’s hardly surprising that bitcoin and the ideas behind it has become a hot topic in the art world. Cryptocurrency has inspired entire gallery shows, as well as some poignant individual works by artists from around the world. One of those works, “Last Bitc0in Supper” by the French […]

BTC China adds USD and HKD deposits and withdrawals

Posted on 21st July, 2014

Major Chinese bitcoin and litecoin exchange BTC China announced today that they have added support for U.S. dollars (USD) and Hong Kong dollars (HKD) to their trading platform. The new system, currently undergoing an invite-only beta test, allows for deposits and withdrawals in both currencies under “international accounts,” while domestic accounts will be limited to […]

BitPay to sponsor Georgia Tech Athletics

Posted on 21st July, 2014

It’s hardly surprising that when Atlanta-based bitcoin payment processor BitPay decided it was time to spend a little money on awareness-raising sponsorship deals, they would start in their own backyard. The company announced yesterday that it had entered into a sponsorship deal with the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Athletic Association, aiming to bring bitcoin awareness […]

Report: China’s OKCoin to support USD

Posted on 20th July, 2014

Broadly speaking, the bitcoin exchange world is divided into two camps: Those who deal in U.S. dollars, and those who deal in Chinese yuan (renminbi). Sure, there are exchanges that focus on Canadian dollars, Euros, Thai baht and almost every local currency, but the bulk of bitcoin’s trade volume is still dominated by USD and […]

Mobile Wallet App Round-Up: Blockchain, Chain iOS and Hive

Posted on 19th July, 2014

When bitcoin’s battle for mass adoption and marketshare against credit cards and cash happens, the skirmishes won’t take place on notebooks and desktops, it will take place in the brick and mortar world with mobile apps. One sign that this seemingly inevitable event it drawing closer is the booming ecosystem of mobile wallet apps. Now […]