Monthly Archives: July 2014

Bitcoiner hiding pre-loaded BTC cards around San Francisco

Posted on 13th July, 2014

On July 1, a mysterious Twitter user named SF Hidden Bitcoin began a month-long campaign of hiding pre-loaded bitcoin wallets in seemingly random locations across San Francisco. Etched onto thin sheets of black-painted aluminum, the durable wallets bear QR codes linked to private keys with roughly $20 (0.0333 BTC) in the address. The location of […]

Congressional candidate Dan Elder vows to only accept bitcoin in coming election

Posted on 12th July, 2014

In May, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) voted to approve bitcoin donations under the existing statutes for in-kind campaign contributions, opening the door for the use of cryptocurrency as a political tool. Thus far, however, most politicians have viewed bitcoin contributions in much the same way businesses have: A novel way to gain some media […]

X-Prize founder Peter Diamandis on bitcoin: “You do the math”

Posted on 11th July, 2014

Peter Diamandis may be best known as the creator of the X-Prize Foundation, but the MIT and Harvard educated entrepreneur has recently been making a name for himself as a bitcoin advocate. While participating in a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) today, Diamandis plainly stated his view on bitcoin’s future. Responding to a user’s question […]

Grooveshark launches bitcoin payment option

Posted on 11th July, 2014

Music-streaming service Grooveshark announced via email today that it now allows users to pay with bitcoin for their ad-free premium memberships. Unlike other large players in the field, Grooveshark appears to be processing these payments directly, rather than through a processor like Coinbase or BitPay. In additional emails uploaded to Reddit, Grooveshark support appears to […]

Swedish bitcoin exchange Safello picks up $250,000 in funding

Posted on 11th July, 2014

Earlier this year, Swedish bitcoin exchange Safello made headlines for snagging roughly $600,000 in venture capital from some of the heaviest hitters in the bitcoin world: Erik Voorhees, Roger Ver and CEO Nicolas Cary. Yesterday, Safello announced that it had raised an additional $250,000 in VC funds, this time from Bitcoin Opportunity Corp (BOC), […]

Bitcoin-backed investment fund approved in Jersey

Posted on 11th July, 2014

The tiny Channel Island made big noise in the bitcoin world today, as the nation’s Financial Services Commission gave final approval to the Global Advisors Bitcoin Investment Fund (GABI). The fund, created by the commodity-focused Global Advisors hedge fund company, appears to be the first of its kind in Europe. The fund will allow institutional […]

Bitcoin insiders begin making public 2014 price projections

Posted on 10th July, 2014

For those that view bitcoin as a purely speculative phenomenon, price is everything. Sure, a groundbreaking technology that allows value to be exchanged instantly, anywhere in the world, very nearly for free and without the need for any middlemen or gate keepers is fine, but you generally can’t pay rent with good ideas. Speculators simply […]

Report: Chinese bitcoin startups quietly on the rise

Posted on 10th July, 2014

It has been months since the People’s Bank of China officially choked off access to the banking system for the country’s native bitcoin exchanges. Just how effective this policy has been at quelling interest in cryptocurrency in China is open to debate, there’s no question that the PBoC’s policies and pressure have had a chilling […]

Andreas Antonopoulos resigns from Bitcoin Foundation

Posted on 10th July, 2014

There are few people in the bitcoin world with as much name recognition as Andreas Antonopoulos. As an advocate for the technology and cultural force of bitcoin, Antonopoulos has been given countless presentations, lectures and interviews explaining what the crytocurrency revolution is, why it matters, and how everyday people can participate. When the mainstream looks […]

NYDFS chief Ben Lawsky says virtual currency regulations will be released this month

Posted on 10th July, 2014

New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) superintendent Ben Lawsky announced via Twitter yesterday that his agency was facing some delays in the finalization of rules for digital currency-using companies in the state. Originally planned for debut around the first of the month, the much-anticipated regulations will provide guidelines for how the range of financial […]