Monthly Archives: September 2014

After months of struggle, China’s NiuBTC cryptocurrency exchange closes

Posted on 2nd September, 2014

The People’s Bank of China’s “bitcoin ban” has finally claimed another victim: cryptocurrency exchange NiuBTC. Back in March, the PBoC began quietly pressuring the country’s banks to close the accounts of digital currency-related businesses in an effort to curb rampant bitcoin and litecoin speculation. The result was a wave of bitcoin and alt-coin exchange closures, […]

Huobi’s interest-bearing bitcoin deposit service sells out an hour after launch

Posted on 2nd September, 2014

Within an hour after opening their new Digcoin “hashing power mortgage” product to users, Beijing-based bitcoin exchange Huobi had sold out of all available shares. The interest-bearing Dig-VC mining service, which is arranged to suggest a “certificate of deposit”-style of investment, provides a guaranteed, monthly interest rate of 1.2%. Each share has a minimum 60-day […]

Apache Software Foundation now accepts bitcoin donations

Posted on 2nd September, 2014

In a new post on the Apache Software Foundation blog, the massive open-source initiative announced that it is now accepting bitcoin. The ASF said that the decision was made in response to a simple email request from a member on August 26th, with the implementation (by an admittedly expert team of web developers) taking mere […]

Sound Wallet aims to store private crypto keys as audio files

Posted on 1st September, 2014

When most cryptocurrency users think of putting their funds in cold storage, they generally picture using a paper wallet. While that method has its merits, it does suffer from a problem: If a person can see your QR code, private key, or even passphrase seed, they can access your address and your funds. But what […] Chief Security Officer Antonopoulos steps down to become board advisor

Posted on 1st September, 2014 announced yesterday that Chief Security Officer (CSO) Andreas M. Antonopoulos has stepped down from his role, and will now become an advisor to the company’s board. Antonopoulos is widely seen as one of bitcoin’s most passionate advocates, having given countless speeches and presentations about blockchain technology and written a widely praised book on bitcoin […]

Canadian payroll firm says growing number of companies paying employees in BTC

Posted on 1st September, 2014

The Canadian Press reports today that bitcoin-backed salary payments are on the rise in Canada. According to Waterloo, Ontario,-based payroll firm Wagepoint, employees and businesses are increasingly interested in paying out in BTC rather than the Canadian dollar (CAD). The firm launched one of the first cryptocurrency-based payment options in the world last November, but […]

“Celebgate” photo leaks bring bitcoin back into the pop culture conversation

Posted on 1st September, 2014

It’s being called “Celebgate,” and it’s already bringing a new wave of negative attention to bitcoin. Over the weekend, a poster on infamous anonymous image-sharing message board leaked hundreds of private, nude photos of several female celebrities, including Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence, swimsuit model Kate Upton and others. The anonymous 4Chan poster also claimed to […]