Monthly Archives: July 2019

The most secure centralized platforms for Bitcoin trading

Posted on 23rd July, 2019

Not so long ago, the Japanese exchange Bitpoint announced the hack. More than $32 million had been stolen from its customers’ accounts. Digital currencies trading security is coming to the fore. In order to choose an exchange where you’ll be able to buy Bitcoin securely, you need to decide what security means to you. How […]

How to Boost Your Torrent Client Speed – The Guide For Users In-Depth

Posted on 10th July, 2019

Imagine the situation: you decided to download a large file from the torrent, added it to the client, and the download speed is negligible. Why does this happen if the number of siders exceeds several hundred? Let’s try to understand the situation, and at the same time, we will tell you some effective ways that […]