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We are happy to present you “Faucet ToolBox”, a fast and easy way to collect Free Bitcoin (satoshi).
Get Bitcoin rewards from more than 50 faucet sites, updated daily. Now everyone can own and exchange Bitcoins.

Below are the steps to earn free Bitcoin with Faucet ToolBox:

1. Open Chrome

Install Faucet ToolBox extension

2. Open a tab and click on the Faucet ToolBox icon
Faucet ToolBox Popup

3. Fill in your Bitcoin Address. You can get one free here.

4. Click Start button

5. Check each tab, allow notifications, fill the captcha and click “Get reward” button
Allow notifications

6. If your Bitcoin address is not autofilled then right click in the input and select “Insert Bitcoin Address”
Insert Bitcoin Address

After you finished with all the sites then minimize chrome, enjoy your coffee or watch the latest viral video on youtube and wait for notifications.
Faucet ToolBox notifications

Click on the notification and get the Free Bitcoins.

Install Faucet ToolBox extension

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