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Are SMS-based bitcoin transactions the key for emerging markets?

Posted on 5th May, 2014

In many emerging-market countries, most average people are still too poor to afford relatively expensive items like computers and smartphones. Even if they can afford such luxury items, access to reliable internet providers can be just as elusive. In fact, the only piece of modern technology that has significant market penetration in these comparatively poor […]

Fidor Bank integrates with Ripple’s payment protocol

Posted on 5th May, 2014

Currency agnostic crypto-payments system Ripple announced a partnership with Munich-based internet bank Fidor Bank AG today. The San Francisco payment network provider will supply Fidor with support for its cutting-edge payment protocol, which is fully compatible with bitcoin, alt-coins and fiat currencies. Fidor is no stranger to the cryptocurrency community, partnering with virtual currency exchange […]

Australian company plans to set up 100 bitcoin ATMs by 2015

Posted on 2nd May, 2014

ABA Technology recently announced plans to create a network of at least 100 machines across the country by 2015, and more than 500 across the globe by 2016. Founded by 29-year-old entrepreneur Chris Guzowski, the company launched its first bitcoin ATM two weeks ago on the outskirts of Sydney. Working with U.S.-based bitcoin ATM maker […]

Anonymity-focused bitcoin service “Dark Wallet” enters alpha testing

Posted on 1st May, 2014

The Dark Wallet project has one simple goal: Keep bitcoin anonymous. With many bitcoin services rushing to embrace the legitimacy of regulation and government oversight, it’s hardly surprising that there are many in the community who are deeply concerned about an encroaching loss of privacy and surveillance. By building in “coin mixing” and “stealth” wallet […]

Robocoin announces Robocoin Bank for ATMs

Posted on 1st May, 2014

Bitcoin ATM maker Robocoin announced new plans today to launch a new service called Robocoin Bank. The Las Vegas-based company claims the move would make it “the first Bitcoin bank with a physical presence.” In effect, Robocoin will be adding online banking features to their existing and future bitcoin ATMs, providing new features such as […]

Report: MIT students raise $500k in bitcoin to distribute to student body

Posted on 29th April, 2014

When the fall semester classes start at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) later this year, the student body will be completely composed of bitcoin users. Two MIT students, Dan Elitzer and Jeremy Rubin, have raised around $500,000 in bitcoin for a project designed to create the first campus-wide bitcoin ecosystem at a major American […]

Mining malware found in Google Play apps

Posted on 25th April, 2014

At least five apps with bitcoin-mining malware were discovered in the Google Play store yesterday. San Francisco-based mobile security company Lookout announced that the “BadLepricon” mining malware was found hidden inside free live wallpaper apps. Google removed the apps shortly after the announcement. In a blog post about their discovery, Lookout explains how the malware […]

Xapo unveils new, potentially game-changing bitcoin-based debit card

Posted on 24th April, 2014

One of the biggest frustrations for bitcoin users is the lack of cryptocurrency-accepting merchants. Even if you have a fortune in bitcoin, actually using it in everyday life ranges from being a huge hassle to completely impossible. Bridging the gap between the existing world of bank and credit-card based currency and bitcoin is the billion-dollar […]

New details revealed about “BitSat” orbiting bitcoin nodes

Posted on 23rd April, 2014

In early April, bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik dropped a few hints that major updates were in the works for the proposed “BitSat” program. The system would put at least one bitcoin node in orbit around the Earth, creating a one-to-many connection for blockchain updates that would be immune to a range of terrestrial peer-to-peer attacks […]

Danish political party adopts blockchain-based system for internal voting

Posted on 22nd April, 2014

Denmark’s Liberal Alliance may not be a dominant force in Danish politics, but it is miles ahead of the rest of the political world when it comes to technological innovation. In the tiny town of Hvidovre, the local division of the party will be using a new internal voting system based on bitcoin’s blockchain technology […]