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Problems surface with popular wallet client MultiBit

Posted on 10th April, 2014

A bug in the code of popular bitcoin wallet MultiBit has sparked considerable debate about the reliability of the open-source wallet client. Several threads posted to Reddit in recent days have revealed a number of problematic glitches in MultiBit’s code, as well as a seeming reluctance on the part of the developer to address them. […]

Robocoin demonstrates bitcoin ATM on Capitol Hill

Posted on 9th April, 2014

Bitcoin ATM maker Robocoin gave a demonstration of their machine to lawmakers and media in Washington, D.C, yesterday. CEO Jordan Kelley hosted the event, answering questions from the press and helping several member of Congress and their staff buy small amounts of bitcoin with the two-way machine. Congressman Jared Polis (D-CO) was among the first […]

BitXatm unveils new merchant-friendly bitcoin ATM

Posted on 8th April, 2014

A new bitcoin ATM with point-of-sale functionality by German startup BitXatm was unveiled this week. Named the Sumo Pro, the ATM boasts an easy solution for merchants to would like to integrate bitcoin payments into their existing POS systems through a printable QR code. The ATM also has the ability to work with standard fiat […]

Bitcoin companies react to “Heartbleed” OpenSSL bug

Posted on 8th April, 2014

Computer security specialists and IT managers the world over have been racing to implement emergency fixes today for the “Heartbleed” security flaw in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library. The bug allows an attacker to gather data in 64 kilobyte blocks, slowly gathering a wealth of theoretically encrypted data. Although the most likely targets of […]

Bitcoin debit card Cryptex Card launches

Posted on 7th April, 2014

If there was a single roadblock to mainstream bitcoin adoption, it would be the limited point of sale (POS) options. Even for a relatively tech-savvy person, bitcoin transactions in their current form can be a little on the awkward side, involving smartphones, wireless connections, QR codes and confirmation delays. For the average person, swiping a […]

Jeff Garzik teases details about orbiting bitcoin node BitSat

Posted on 7th April, 2014

Last year, Bitcoin Core developer Jeff Garzik began talking publicly about plans to launch a small commercial satellite to serve as an orbiting bitcoin node. The idea was to provide a one-to-many solution for peer-to-peer network attacks, such as Sybil attacks, which are likely to increase as bitcoin becomes more popular. Even with a relatively […]

Canadian government ends MintChip digital currency experiment

Posted on 6th April, 2014

In the summer of 2012, the Canadian government and the Royal Canadian Mint announced a new, experimental digital payment system called MintChip. Although it was fundamentally different from bitcoin and the new crop of alt-coins that were only just beginning to generate a buzz in the online community, MintChip was an unusually progressive financial experiment […]

Rival iOS app store Bit Store launches with bitcoin wallet support

Posted on 5th April, 2014

It’s no secret that Apple has taken a skeptical attitude towards bitcoin apps. The iPhone maker has removed all bitcoin wallet apps from their App Store in recent months, usually with no prior notice and citing vague “unresolved issues.” There has been endless speculation about the underlying reasons for the de facto bitcoin ban, ranging […]

Square announces bitcoin support for Square Market

Posted on 31st March, 2014

Mobile payment system Square is no innovation. Best known for their smartphone plug-in credit card readers, the company has already helped to redefine how transactions work in the internet age. Continuing in that vein, Square announced today the addition of bitcoin payment support to their Etsy-like online marketplace Square Market. Sellers should never miss a […]

Report: Bitcoin’s technology could revolutionize voting

Posted on 31st March, 2014

In a report published today on, writer Christopher Malmo considers the potential of using bitcoin’s trustless, consensus-based software as a means to completely reshape the one thing that’s even thornier than the finance system: Democracy. One of the most promising applications of new crypto tech lies in creating transparent, efficient systems for making political […]