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Linux flaw may be Bitcoin security risk

Posted on 6th March, 2014

During a recent audit of the cryptographic program GnuTLS, Red Hat analysts discovered a “critical” bug that would allow attackers to bypass secure sockets layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) protections. The flaw in the GnuTLS library allows attackers to eavesdrop on encrypted traffic, opening up the potential for stolen passwords and more damaging […]

Texas Hackathon offers $1 million in BTC-related prizes

Posted on 5th March, 2014

It sounds like a programmer’s dream: The Texas Bitcoin Conference Hackathon is currently offering up over $1 million in prizes and contracts for its Bitcoin 2.0 contest. The idea is to build the next generation of decentralized applications and protocols to push Bitcoin into the future. As with many seemingly great ideas, however, the devil […]

London bar launches Britain’s first Bitcoin ATM

Posted on 4th March, 2014

Until today, if you wanted to Bitcoin in the U.K., you had to do it the old-fashioned way: Mining it, connecting your bank account to an exchange, or buying it directly from another Bitcoiner. With the activation of a new Lammasu-made Bitcoin ATM at London’s trendy Old Shoreditch Station cafe and bar. Operated by Bitcoin […]

Auroracoin becomes third largest virtual currency

Posted on 3rd March, 2014

It has been just under a month since the launch of Iceland’s Auroracoin, and the virtual currency is already skyrocketing. According to cryptocurrency tracking website Coinmarketcap, Auroracoin’s total market capitalization is $799,926,174, making it the third largest virtual currency after Bitcoin and Ripple. The new virtual currency has knocked Litecoin, often referred to as the […]

Report: With 1,000th miner in the field, CoinTerra powers 6% of Bitcoin network

Posted on 2nd March, 2014

Texas-based Bitcoin miner company CoinTerra announced the release of their 1,000th machine on Friday. According to the company, their hardware now powers around 6% of the entire Bitcoin network, and accounts for 1.7 petahash of overall network performance. The company launched its highly anticipated terahash mining rig, the TerraMiner IV, last month. Although the rig […]

Google and Y-Combinator-backed exchange Buttercoin announces early access

Posted on 1st March, 2014

With backers like Google Ventures and Y-Combinator behind them (not to mention Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian), it’s safe to say that soon-to-launch Bitcoin exchange Buttercoin will be taken more seriously than most. The exchange announced yesterday that it was opening up user accounts for early access, the first indication that a full launch will be […]

Frostwire integrates Bitcoin payments into BitTorrent client … to fight piracy?

Posted on 1st March, 2014

As one of the most well-known BitTorrent clients, FrostWire is used to claims that it helps to foster online piracy. So when the developers announced an experimental mechanism to allow users to donate Bitcoins to torrent sharers, it was only natural for the community to assume that this was to allow the monetization of digital […]

Report: Mapping Bitcoin addresses to IPs is difficult, but possible

Posted on 1st March, 2014

In a paper to be presented at the Financial Cryptography and Data Security Conference in Barbados this week, researchers claim that it’s possible to connect a seemingly anonymous Bitcoin address with an IP address. Possible, but not particularly easy. Titled “An Analysis of Anonymity in Bitcoin Using P2P Network Traffic,” the paper outlines the methods […]

Bitcoin transaction fees to be dramatically reduced

Posted on 28th February, 2014

All Bitcoin transactions require that each transfer be confirmed by a Bitcoin miner. In order to make it worth the miner’s while to include the transaction in a mining block, miners are rewarded with small amount of Bitcoin called “transaction fees.” These fees are set by the core developers, and as the price of Bitcoin […]

Bitcoin ATM coming to largest mall in North America

Posted on 27th February, 2014

The West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada, recently unveiled a new Bitcoin ATM. The mall is the largest in North America, and serves as a major tourism destination in Alberta, with 30.8 million shoppers passing through its doors every year. The Robocoin-made ATM is the first in the region, and is owned and operated by […]