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Bitcoin-friendly security startup CrowdCurity raises $1 million in seed round funding

Posted on 29th July, 2014

In an increasingly software-driven economy, finding security holes is rapidly becoming big business. While large companies are able to hire dedicated security teams to double-check their code, smaller programming startups and app makers don’t always have the money needed to give their programs a thorough stress-test before launch. This can lead to disaster, particularly when […]

CAVIRTEX unveils new bitcoin ATMs for Canadian network

Posted on 29th July, 2014

The Canadian Virtual Exchange, better known as CAVIRTEX, is nearing the launch of its long-anticipated bitcoin ATM network. The Calgary-based exchange posted an image to Twitter today showing eight custom-designed, Canada-themed machines. According to a post from the official CAVIRTEX account on Reddit, there are ten ATMs launching across Canada next month. The company has […]

Blockchain app returns to iOS

Posted on 28th July, 2014

As one of the biggest hosted wallet services in the world, Blockchain’s absence on iOS devices has not gone without notice. The company’s old app, which was at one time the most popular iOS bitcoin wallet, was removed earlier this year during Apple’s short-lived policy of removing all bitcoin-related apps from the iTunes store. With […]

Report: Mining hardware maker CoinTerra buys developer Bits of Proof

Posted on 28th July, 2014

Is bitcoin hardware maker CoinTerra looking to expand beyond the mining game? According to a new report published today by CoinDesk, the Austin, TX-based company has acquired Hungarian bitcoin software maker Bits of Proof (BOP) for an undisclosed sum. BOP CEO Tamás Blummer will join CoinTerra as Vice President of Enterprise Software, bringing the developer’s […]

Trucoin announces new partnership, expanding service to 38 U.S. states

Posted on 25th July, 2014

Earlier this month, long-simmering digital currency-exchange platform Trucoin launched an 8-state beta test of an instant bitcoin-purchasing system. By simply logging in via an existing social media profile and entering credit card information, users could purchase bitcoin in a matter of moments, rather than the days-long payment verification process currently used by brokers like Coinbase. […]

Report: Intuit QuickBooks sees “higher than expected” interest in bitcoin payments

Posted on 23rd July, 2014

In June, Inuit’s payment processing system QuickBooks Online announced plans to incorporate bitcoin into their small-business invoicing system. Even at the time, Intuit’s PayByCoin initiative seemed more like a clever marketing and branding move than a truly in-demand service, as the small size of the bitcoin ecosystem suggested only a few tech-forward companies would be […]

Report: iOS messaging service Gliph restores bitcoin functionality

Posted on 22nd July, 2014

Late last year, secure private messaging app Gliph was forced to remove a bitcoin-sending feature in order to remain available on the iTunes app store. The move was highly unpopular in the bitcoin community, and added to speculation that Apple was becoming openly hostile to all services related to bitcoin. Recently, Apple updated its terms […]

Mobile Wallet App Round-Up: Blockchain, Chain iOS and Hive

Posted on 19th July, 2014

When bitcoin’s battle for mass adoption and marketshare against credit cards and cash happens, the skirmishes won’t take place on notebooks and desktops, it will take place in the brick and mortar world with mobile apps. One sign that this seemingly inevitable event it drawing closer is the booming ecosystem of mobile wallet apps. Now […]