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Bitcoin ATM maker Lamassu releases open-source platform

Posted on 2nd July, 2014

If Lamassu has its way, bitcoin ATMs may soon be seen as more than a novel way to purchase digital currency. The ATM maker has released a new, open-source software platform today via GitHub that allows ATM owners to set their machines up as airport-style cash exchanges, bill-payment kiosks and remittance terminals, in addition to […]

Coinbase announces new “vaults” for long-term storage

Posted on 2nd July, 2014

This morning, Coinbase unveiled a product called “The Vault.” As the name implies, the service adds a wealth of options for customers looking for long-term, high-security bitcoin storage solutions. Using a similar interface to Coinbase’s popular online wallet, Vault accounts allow for timed-locked withdrawals, multiple withdrawal approvals. Unlike Coinbase’s current simple two-factor-authentication user-verification system, Vault […]

Newegg adds bitcoin payment option

Posted on 1st July, 2014

Online technology retailer Newegg joined the ranks of bitcoin-accepting businesses today, adding payment support to their shopping card and announcing the new option on their homepage. With $2.8 billion in annual revenue, Newegg is nearly twice as large as bitcoin-friendly online retailer, and is generally thought to have greater sales volume than rival tech […]

MasterCard patent reveals potential bitcoin incorporation

Posted on 30th June, 2014

In a patent filed on June 19, credit card industry giant MasterCard hinted at a potential future adoption of bitcoin as a payment method. The patent, which outlines a “global shopping cart and a method for its use,” isn’t specific to bitcoin, and only mentions the cryptocurrency a handful of times, but it does clearly […]

Report: Bitcoin Job Fair sees “overwhelming” turnout

Posted on 29th June, 2014

According to a report on CoinDesk, yesterday’s Bitcoin Job Fair in New York City’s Financial District drew a crowd of over 200 would-be bitcoin industry workers. The event was hosted at Bitcoin Center NYC, and was attended by 11 bitcoin-industry companies including Coinbase, BitPay, Coinbase and eGifter. Speaking with CoinDesk, organizer Alex Palantzas said that […]

BlockScore raises $2 million in VC funding

Posted on 26th June, 2014

Identity-verification startup BlockScore announced today that it has raised $2 million in seed-round funding. Originally designed to provide a verification service for bitcoin ATM systems, wallet providers, miners and exchanges, BlockScore is one of the first startups to attempt to make the leap from the cryptocurrency market to the mainstream. The seed round investors include […]

BitcoinJ developer Mike Hearn claims protocol development in “crisis period”

Posted on 24th June, 2014

As the developer of the cross-platform Java library BitcoinJ, Mike Hearn knows a thing or two about the status of the overall bitcoin protocol. Until recently, Hearn was a developer at Google, but he recently decided to take the relatively risky step of moving into bitcoin full time. During an interview with the Epicenter Bitcoin […]

Coinbase offers “bits” option, instant BTC buyback and new mobile site

Posted on 22nd June, 2014

It has been a very busy week for Coinbase. On Wednesday, the bitcoin payment processing giant unveiled their new mobile site. The move comes as Coinbase gave its official nod of approval to an unofficial iOS app entering the iTunes App Store. With bitcoin’s future on iOS still dependent on each company being in Apple’s […]

Report: Updated Gyft iOS app allows bitcoin payments

Posted on 20th June, 2014

For many active bitcoiners, Gyft is solution to a major problem: Buying things with bitcoin at places that don’t accept cryptocurrency. The company provides digital gift cards for some of the best-known brands and retailers in the world, such as Whole Foods, Burger King, CVS and Game Stop. The company even returns 3% of the […]