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UK-based gold and bitcoin exchange Netagio passes ISAE 3000 audit

Posted on 22nd September, 2014

The first bitcoin-related company to submit to an audit under the standards of the International Standard on Assurance Engagements (ISAE) has passed with flying colors. Netagio, a small bitcoin and gold exchange based in the U.K., recently announced the results of an ISAE 3000 review conducted by international auditing firm BDO. Netagio claims this to […]

Coinbase announces new API for multisig accounts

Posted on 21st September, 2014

One of the biggest concerns with third-party bitcoin services like Coinbase is this: Who controls the private keys? If you host your own wallet on a mobile device or PC, or even have a printed paper wallet, ultimately you control when and how BTC moves from your private address to another. That’s not the case […]

Bitcoin Savings and Trust fraudster fined $40 million

Posted on 19th September, 2014

In July of 2013, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charged Trendon T. Shavers with defrauding investors in a bitcoin-targeted Ponzi scheme. Shavers claimed to have created a bitcoin-based arbitrage system, the Bitcoin Savings and Trust (BTCST), and promised investors 7% interest per week on their BTC loans. Instead, the BTCST was a classic Ponzi […]

Following central bank decision, Bitcoin Foundation Bangladesh halts activities

Posted on 19th September, 2014

Earlier this week, Bangladesh’s central bank issued a new warning strongly suggesting that bitcoin use was now a criminal offense in the country. Bank officials later told news agency Agence France-Presse (AFP) that anyone found guilty of using or selling bitcoin in the country could be sentenced to up to 12 years in jail. Bangladesh […]

BitPay showcases updated API

Posted on 18th September, 2014

The competition between Coinbase and BitPay looks like it has spilled over to the API battlefield. Yesterday, Coinbase released Toshi, an open-source bitcoin node with a JSON API for developers. Today, BitPay responded with their own API update, packed with new features, updates, and fixes. Not to be outdone, the BitPay API is built on […]

Bitcoin startup CoinPlus raises over $220,000 in seed round

Posted on 18th September, 2014

Bitcoin payment-processing and currency exchange startup CoinPlus announced yesterday that it had raised €172,500 ($220,000) in its seed funding round. The Luxembourg-based company launched in early July following legal clarifications of bitcoin’s status in the country by the Commission de surveillance du secteur financier (CSSF) in February. No list of investors has been published, and […]

UPDATE: Instabill offers services to Isle of Man bitcoin startups

Posted on 18th September, 2014

Earlier this week, bitcoin startups on the politically independent U.K. holding of Isle of Man were faced with potentially catastrophic news. The island’s primary treasury service provider, Capital Treasury Services (CTS), announced it was severing its relationship with all digital currency businesses. It has since been revealed that the CTS decision was made under pressure […]

Bitcoin price continues steep, mysterious decline

Posted on 18th September, 2014

Until late last week, bitcoin prices had been hovering in the $475 range, down a bit from the $500 to $650 range seen since May. That changed on Saturday, when the bottom seemingly dropped out from the BTC price, sending it on a steep decline to around $428 (at time of writing). While price volatility […]

$2 million raised in seed funding round for bitcoin API startup Gem

Posted on 17th September, 2014

Los Angeles-based bitcoin startup Gem announced the completion of a $2 million seed funding round to enhance its security-platform API. The funding deal has been in works since June, and was led by First Round Capital and Tekton Ventures. The Gem project clearly has plenty of support, with additional seed round funding coming from RRE […]