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PassportParking's app in action.

PassportParking’s app in action.

North Carolina-based company PassportParking recently announced plans to include Bitcoin as a method of payment for their parking-payment apps. The company, which currently operates in 35 states, has partnered with BitPay to test their new payment model.

Customers currently use the PassportParking app, available on both iOS and Android, to pay for metered parking spots either via text, voice or direct mobile transaction. The system provides a digital solution to an increasingly cash (and coin)-free world. Integrating Bitcoin into this system isn’t expected to be a large technical challenge.

Initial tests will start in Charlotte, NC, a banking-friendly city with a population of around 3 million. No timeline for the test was announced, but it is expected to start this year.

Below is a short video showing PassportParking’s app in action.

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