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celeryOne of the biggest “pain points” for would-be bitcoin users and investors is the simple act of buying. Even in a relatively easy-to-use system, like Coinbase, there are still uncertainties for newcomers. In fact, many neophyte buyers don’t even understand that bitcoin is easily divided, and can be put off by the seemingly high buy-in price of a whole BTC.

Recognizing the market, cryptocurrency trading platform BTX Trader created a new service to make buying bitcoin more user friendly. Dubbed Celery, the system places priority on buying specific dollar amounts of bitcoin. Users can purchase a “package” of BTC for as little as $19.99, with click-to-buy options scaling up to $49.99 and $99.99. Celery also supports purchases of novelty cryptocurrency dogecoin in the same manner.

Speaking with CoinDesk, BTX Trader CTO Divya Thakur and COO Ilya Subkhankulov explained that the motivation behind Celery was to create an easily understood system for first-time buyers:

We tested [Celery] with users and watched them use the product. So, we feel that our onboarding and our user experience is superior to any other solutions out there, when it comes to a first time buyer of bitcoin or dogecoin.”

At the moment, Celery doesn’t allow credit card purchases of bitcoin. While this could be seen as a substantial user-adoption issue now that Circle and Trucoin are winding up their beta tests of instant purchasing, until those services launch to the general public Celery might find itself in a user-adoption sweet spot.

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