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headerFew things sparked the imagination of the cryptocurrency community quite like the “Dogecar.” Created and funded entirely by the Dogecoin community, the sponsorship of NASCAR driver Josh Wise at Talledega brought the meme-based alt-coin into living rooms across the U.S., dramatically raising the profile of a digital currency still largely considered to be more-or-less a joke by many in the bitcoin world.

If BK Racing has their way, bitcoin will soon follow in Dogecoin’s paw prints.

The team, which supports rookie NASCAR driver Alex Bowman, is attempting to raise a sponsorship through a bitcoin crowdfunding campaign called Bitcoin23. The campaign hopes to raise $25,000 in sponsorship funds, enabling the bitcoin logo to feature on Bowman’s car during his bid to win the NASCAR Sprint Cup.

As CoinDesk reports, should the bid be successful, the team will attempt to raise a $100,000 for a full sponsorship in advance of the Labor Day weekend race at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Thus far, interest in the bitcoin community has been tepid, with less than $500 raised. The team has 25 days of fundraising left for the project.

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