Shirt colors, text contents and fonts are configurable. You can delete any text you don’t like and the shirt will get cheaper. Note the on the left sleeve of some of the shirts (only visible in left view of the shirt designer). All logos are flock print for now.
Half of the comission for shirts with the original bitcoin logo goes to the designer (bitboy on the forum – greets!).
Unfortunately it is only possible to pay by the old ways – for now. Bitcoins are too precious to spend anyway with their value rising so fast.
Feel free to contact me about new logos, flex print, other stuff available at spreadshirt (clothes/mugs/etc.):
shirts [at]

North America

bitcoin digital goldbitcoin pixelbitcoin pixelbitcoin on sleevebitcoin pixel
Prices starting at $14.90.


Prices starting at € 14.90.