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With just under 4% of Auroracoin “airdrop” complete, price rebounds

Posted on 26th March, 2014

When the Auroracoin “airdrop” began yesterday, things did not look promising for the Icelandic alt-coin. A crush of users trying to claim their coins effectively caused DDoS attack on the site, and other technical glitches resulted in the site falling to the bottom of alt-coin value tracking site Coinmarketcap, landing just above CorgiCoin. And to […]

Auroracoin’s “airdrop” causes site crashes and other technical woes

Posted on 25th March, 2014

In the world of bitcoin-variant cryptocurrencies, few experiments have gained as much attention as Auroracoin. The Icelandic alt-coin was designed to offer a viable alternative to the nation’s long-troubled domestic currency, the krona, which has massively devalued in recent years. One key part of the plan to launch Auroracoin is the so-called “airdrop” of half […]