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Report: Mapping Bitcoin addresses to IPs is difficult, but possible

Posted on 1st March, 2014

In a paper to be presented at the Financial Cryptography and Data Security Conference in Barbados this week, researchers claim that it’s possible to connect a seemingly anonymous Bitcoin address with an IP address. Possible, but not particularly easy. Titled “An Analysis of Anonymity in Bitcoin Using P2P Network Traffic,” the paper outlines the methods […]

CNN Money: A $50,000 Bitcoin?

Posted on 18th February, 2014

Could Bitcoin actually be worth around $50,000? A story on CNN Money by Fortune‘s David Z. Morris suggests that this might not be too far off. Speaking with Susan Athey, professor of economics at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Morris notes that Bitcoin is only a few steps away from having that valuation. Morris […]

Report: Transaction malleability, hour by hour

Posted on 15th February, 2014

Last week’s transaction malleability scare made international headlines, once again bringing Bitcoin into the mainstream news. It was the cited cause of the total collapse of Silk Road 2.0, the glitch that forced both Mt.Gox and Bitstamp to freeze user accounts for a few days, and it put massive downward pressure on global Bitcoin value. […]