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UK-based gold and bitcoin exchange Netagio passes ISAE 3000 audit

Posted on 22nd September, 2014

The first bitcoin-related company to submit to an audit under the standards of the International Standard on Assurance Engagements (ISAE) has passed with flying colors. Netagio, a small bitcoin and gold exchange based in the U.K., recently announced the results of an ISAE 3000 review conducted by international auditing firm BDO. Netagio claims this to […]

China’s Huobi exchange passes proof-of-solvency audit with 103% fund reserves

Posted on 29th August, 2014

The final member of China’s “big three” bitcoin exchanges has passed a proof-of-solvency audit with flying colors. In an independent audit published by Ripple Labs CTO Stefan Thomas, Huobi appears to have 103.52% of total customer deposits in reserve. Thomas provided the auditing service free of charge, as he did when auditing Kraken and Bitfinex […]

BTC China claims 100% proof-of-reserve status following audit

Posted on 27th August, 2014

Another of China’s “big three” bitcoin exchanges has seemingly passed a proof-of-reserve audit with flying colors. BTC China announced the results of their audit on Monday, although translations of the full text have only recently become available in English. The audit was verified by a panel of five well-known Chinese bitcoin advocates, who checked BTC […]

China’s OKCoin passes audit with 104.86% of customer BTC in reserve

Posted on 22nd August, 2014

Chinese bitcoin exchange OKCoin have announced the results of their recent audit, revealing that the exchange holds 104% of the BTC needed to all cover customer deposits. The audit was conducted over four days by Ripple Labs CTO Stefan Thomas, who performed similar audits for Kraken and BitFinex earlier this year. OKCoin announced the results […]

Bitstamp passes audit from Bitcoin developer Mike Hearn

Posted on 27th May, 2014

Last week, Bitcoin developer Mike Hearn and Richard Muirhead of Firestartr subjected U.K.-based bitcoin exchange Bitstamp to a proof-of-reserve audit. Bitstamp is widely thought to be the largest bitcoin exchange in the world in terms of trading volume, and is under increasing scrutiny from investors to verify its deposits as bitcoin gains mainstream attention. According […]

Bitfinex passes third-party audit

Posted on 7th April, 2014

Hong Kong-based bitcoin trading, futures and options platform Bitfinex announced to day the results of an independent audit by Ripple Labs CTO Stefan Thomas. According to the audit, Bitfinex was in full possession of all claimed funds, and has BTC reserves equaling 102.82% of all required holdings. The audit did not examine any part of […]

BTC exchange Kraken passes audit, all customer coins held in reserve

Posted on 24th March, 2014

The first generation of bitcoin exchanges had it easy. Users were so happy to have a place to buy and sell bitcoin, that they didn’t worry too much about how those businesses actually operated, whether or not they were secure, or even if the user funds were really all accounted for. The situation at Mt.Gox […]

Solved: November’s 194,993 BTC transaction was a Bitstamp audit

Posted on 10th March, 2014

Back in November, the Bitcoin community was electrified when at 194,993 BTC transaction was identified on the blockchain, representing about $147 million at the time. Since that time, speculation about what the shift was and why it happened has been rampant, with theories ranging from Richard Branson consolidating his newly revealed wallet to a return […]