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Ireland’s first Bitcoin ATM company refused bank account

Posted on 11th March, 2014

Irish Bitcoin ATM company BitVendo was set to launch their first machine in Dublin this week, but thanks to the skittishness of their would-be bank, they’ll have to wait. The company had already faced one significant setback, as the cafe that was originally slated to host the ATM backed out as the machine was being […]

Bitcoin ATM coming to largest mall in North America

Posted on 27th February, 2014

The West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada, recently unveiled a new Bitcoin ATM. The mall is the largest in North America, and serves as a major tourism destination in Alberta, with 30.8 million shoppers passing through its doors every year. The Robocoin-made ATM is the first in the region, and is owned and operated by […]

Report: 100 Bitcoin ATMs coming to Spain over next three months

Posted on 24th February, 2014

According to a report published on Cryptocoins News, Spain will go from having one lone Bitcoin ATM in a Barcelona mall to having over 100 throughout the country. The ambitious plan is collaboration between ATM manufacturer PayMaQ and distributor Bbank, who aim to take advantage of Spain’s current lack of Bitcoin regulation. Under Spain’s current […]

Second U.S. Bitcoin ATM launches in Boston

Posted on 20th February, 2014

Welcome to the start of the U.S. Bitcoin ATM boom. Following shortly after yesterday’s launch of the first such ATM in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Bitcoin startup Liberty Teller powered up their Lamassu machine in Boston’s South Station. The busy subway station is Boston’s largest, and sees an estimated 25 million travelers a year pass through […]

First U.S. Bitcoin ATM launches in Albuquerque

Posted on 19th February, 2014

The race to bring the first Bitcoin ATM to the U.S. is over. Earlier today, Enchanted Bitcoin activated their Lammasu-made Bitcoin ATM at the Imbibe cigar bar in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The news comes on the heels of yesterday’s announcement of Austin and Seattle-bound machines by rival Bitcoin ATM manufacturer Robocoin. According to a report […]

Low-Cost Bitcoin ATMs on the way

Posted on 18th February, 2014

Yesterday, Helsinki-based Bitcoin marketplace announced the development of their first Bitcoin ATM. The machine is set to retail for around $2,750 (€1,990), making this the least expensive such device yet announced. The ATM allows both buying and selling of Bitcoin of fiat currency from any LocalBitcoin-held wallet, and is capable of at least some […]

Seattle and Austin to get first U.S. Bitcoin ATMs

Posted on 18th February, 2014

With new Bitcoin ATMs being announced on an almost daily basis for cities like London, Vancouver and Singapore, it was only a matter of time before the U.S. got in on the action. If Robocoin has its way, Seattle and Austin will be the first cities in the U.S. to have access to this still-experimental […]

London’s first Bitcoin ATM shipping soon

Posted on 13th February, 2014

According to a report from the International Business Times, London will soon be receiving its first Bitcoin ATM. Global Bitcoin ATM’s spokesperson claims that the machine is being updated with new software and going through compliance testing before shipping to the U.K. capital. Coindesk reports that London may soon see a boom of Bitcoin-trading ATMs […]