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Following controversial election of Brock Pierce, Bitcoin Foundation members resign

Posted on 12th May, 2014

Last week, the Bitcoin Foundation finalized the results of the second round of elections to fill two vacant seats on its board of directors. The winners, BTC China’s Bobby Lee and “serial entrepreneur” Brock Pierce, were chosen over Gyft CEO Vinny Lingham. Almost immediately after the announcement, however, several members of the Bitcoin Foundation began […]

Bitcoin Foundation announces new board members Bobby Lee and Brock Pierce

Posted on 10th May, 2014

Following the second round of voting to replace two vacant seats on the Bitcoin Foundation’s board of directors, BTC China CEO Bobby Lee and venture capitalist Brock Pierce were officially added to the board’s roster. The three-person runoff election saw Gyft CEO Vinny Lingham miss election to the post by a narrow 2% margin. Votes […]

Mexico’s Fundación Satoshi Nakamoto joins Bitcoin Foundation

Posted on 29th April, 2014

Latin America has a long history of economic instability, forcing many countries in the region to be almost entirely dependent on the U.S. dollar as a reserve currency. Latin America is also a huge piece of the U.S. remittance market, with the 17 North and South American nations in that group accounting for $41 billion […]

Blockchain announces open nominations for the Blockchain Awards

Posted on 16th April, 2014

The Bitcoin Foundation and are partnering to launch the Blockchain Awards to “celebrate innovation and excellence in the Bitcoin community.” The initial round of awards will go to people and projects in ten categories, with nominations being open to the public. The current list of awards are: Most Impactful Charity Most Creative Video Most […]

Wladimir van der Laan replaces Gavin Andresen as Bitcoin Core Maintainer

Posted on 7th April, 2014

After 18 months as the Chief Scientist of the Bitcoin Foundation, Massachusetts-based developer Gavin Andresen is handing over the reigns to Netherlands-based developer Wladimir van der Laan. In a post on the official Bitcoin Foundation blog published today, Andresen explained that he wasn’t leaving the project, simply stepping back from the lead technical position in […]

Bitcoin Foundation weighs in on new IRS rules

Posted on 27th March, 2014

In a post on the Bitcoin Foundation’s blog yesterday, Marco Santori, Chairman of the foundation’s Regulatory Affairs Committee responded to the recent decision by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to treat bitcoin as a stock-like class of property, rather than as a currency. The post notes that the foundation “appreciates the IRS’ hard work in […]

BitPay joins Bitcoin Foundation

Posted on 23rd March, 2014

Atlanta-based BitPay is one of the rising stars of bitcoin payment processing, but until recently it didn’t have a seat at the table of bitcoin’s best-known advocacy group, the Bitcoin Foundation. Yesterday, the BitPay formally joined the foundation with a bang, joining at the “Gold” sponsorship level. While a “Gold” membership doesn’t come with many […]

Bitcoin Foundation adds DC insiders Jim Harper and Amy Weiss

Posted on 11th March, 2014

In the last few months, Bitcoin has gone from fringe tech curiosity to a potential dark horse in the race for the future of international commerce. Not surprisingly, it has caught the caught the attention of cautious U.S. regulators, skeptical central bankers and scapegoat-craving politicians. To ensure that the Bitcoin movement has a seat at […]

Two-Bit Idiot: Bitcoin Foundation corruption ultimatum

Posted on 8th March, 2014

As Mt.Gox was falling apart, the “Two-Bit Idiot” blog on Tumblr was one of the rare sources of well-sourced, reliable information. Written by self-professed “entrepreneur and former VC” Ryan Selkis (who also writes under the name Ryan Galt), the blog was the first to leak the damning internal memos that all but proved Mt.Gox was […]

Mt.Gox CEO Karpeles resigns from Bitcoin Foundation, wipes Twitter feed

Posted on 24th February, 2014

Mt.Gox CEO Mark Karpeles quietly resigned from the Bitcoin Foundation yesterday. The resignation, which was effective immediately, was confirmed today by Bitcoin Foundation spokesman Jinyoung Lee Englund, speaking with the Reuters news agency. Immediately following the resignation, Mt.Gox also deleted the entire contents of it Twitter feed. There has been no comment from Mt.Gox about […]