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Report: BitGo raises $12 million in new investment

Posted on 16th June, 2014

Many in the bitcoin development world have claimed that 2014 will be the “Year of Multi-Sig.” Until today, that seemed like little more than wishful thinking by security focused coders. With $12 million in new investment, multi-signature wallet provider BitGo can make the case it’s at least the month of multi-sig. According to a report […]

Report: Facebook developer Ben Davenport joins BitGo

Posted on 28th May, 2014

To call Ben Davenport a “software engineer,” as he’s been credited on Facebook since 2011, is more than a bit misleading. There’s no question that he’s a gifted developer, as he was part of the teams that developed Google AdSense and MSN Explorer, but he’s better known in bitcoin circles as one of the angel […]