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Charlie Shrem reaches plea deal in bitcoin money-laundering case

Posted on 30th August, 2014

Charlie Shrem may soon be a free man. Reuters reports that the former BitInstant CEO has reached a plea arrangement with federal prosecutors over his role in converting bitcoin to cash from deals on the now-shuttered black market website Silk Road. Shrem had been charged with a variety of felonies, including conspiracy to launder money, […]

Charlie Shrem formally indicted on money laundering charges

Posted on 15th April, 2014

Earlier this month it was reported that BitInstant co-founder was in plea deal talks with Federal authorities following his arrest in connection the now-shuttered Silk Road marketplace. Those talks appear to have broken down, and Shrem, 24, has been formally charged with multiple money laundering crimes. Shrem’s arraignment is scheduled for April 29. If convicted, […]

Report: Charlie Shrem cutting plea deal in Silk Road case

Posted on 1st April, 2014

Bloomberg reports that former BitInstant CEO Charlie Shrem is in the process of working out a plea deal with prosecutors for his alleged role in the Silk Road drug network. Shrem was arrested in January for conspiring to launder more than $1 million dollars in drug-related funds through his company. Assistant U.S. Attorney Serrin Turner […]