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ESPN paid in BTC for BitPay sponsorship

Posted on 23rd August, 2014

At a press conference about the upcoming Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl in St. Petersburg, FL, BitPay executive chairman Tony Gallippi revealed an interesting detail about the company’s sponsorship deal with ESPN Events: The payment was made in BTC rather than dollars. While not entirely surprising given that BitPay is a bitcoin payment processor, and the […]

BitPay’s new hires suggest major mainstream push in the works

Posted on 14th August, 2014

TechCrunch reports today that Atlanta-based bitcoin payment processor BitPay is finally putting some of their $30 million venture capital cash to work. The company has hired three new heavy hitters to fill out its ranks, suggesting that a major expansion is in the works. The new hires are notable for their significant payments industry experience. […]

BitPay partners with industry giant Global Payments

Posted on 7th August, 2014

Atlanta-based bitcoin payment processor BitPay announced a new partnership yesterday with a true titan of the payment industry, Global Payments. With over $2.4 billion in revenue last year Global Payments has a significant presence in almost every industry where money changes hands, particularly in credit card, debit card and EBT card markets. The company has […]

BitPay revises merchant service to be “free, unlimited, forever”

Posted on 31st July, 2014

Atlanta-based bitcoin payment processor BitPay has taken a major step towards wooing new merchants, updating their service to eliminate credit-card interchange fees for basic merchant accounts. BitPay’s previous pricing system allowed entry-level merchants to process up to $10,000 per day in bitcoin payments for a flat $30 fee. Enterprise-level accounts will still receive substantial discounts, […]

BitPay announces FEC-compliant bitcoin donation processing in advance of mid-term elections

Posted on 25th July, 2014

In a blog post published yesterday, Atlanta-based bitcoin payment processor BitPay announced a new initiative to help make cryptocurrency a meaningful force in the upcoming mid-term elections. The post noted that many politically focused organizations would like to accept bitcoin following the Federal Election Commission approving it for in-kind donations earlier this year, but said […]

BitPay to sponsor Georgia Tech Athletics

Posted on 21st July, 2014

It’s hardly surprising that when Atlanta-based bitcoin payment processor BitPay decided it was time to spend a little money on awareness-raising sponsorship deals, they would start in their own backyard. The company announced yesterday that it had entered into a sponsorship deal with the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Athletic Association, aiming to bring bitcoin awareness […]

BitPay launches Facebook bitcoin payment app

Posted on 18th July, 2014

One of the holy grails of digital currency is the ability to break down traditional payment barriers. An app that can send bitcoin to almost anyone in the world as easily as sharing a photo could be a complete game-changer for the entire financial sector. While BitPay’s new Facebook app, Get Bits, isn’t quite that, […]

BitPay releases Copay, a open-source multi-signature wallet

Posted on 9th July, 2014

Earlier this year, Bitcoin Core developer Gavin Andresen declared 2014 to be the “Year of Multi-Sig.” The development of highly secure wallets requiring multiple private key approvals holds a huge amount of promise for more complex applications of the bitcoin protocol, enabling natively created smart contracts, escrows and corporate-style accounts where payments must receive multiple […]

BitPay introduces new decentralized authentication protocol

Posted on 3rd July, 2014

One of the mantras of cryptocurrency-advocating technology experts is that the Bitcoin protocol’s biggest innovation isn’t that it is can be used as money, but rather that it can solve any problem where users need to transmit secure information without needing to trust each other. While transmitting currency-like digital tokens is a powerful application of […]