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Did a runaway trading bot cause today’s $30 drop?

Posted on 31st August, 2014

Automated trading is both a boon and a curse for exchanges of all kinds. On the one hand, “bots” greatly reduce the amount of time and attention needed to implement a trading strategy. A well-programmed bot can, in theory, be earning a profit on even marginal trades, 24-hours a day, and for completely logic-driven reasons […]

$309 BTC-e flash crash adds to bitcoin margin-trading concerns

Posted on 18th August, 2014

Last week, for still-unclear reasons, bitcoin’s price dropped dramatically. In the days since, blame for the “flash crash” has fallen squarely on the relatively new phenomenon of cryptocurrency derivatives, and on margin trading in particular. Adding further fuel to that argument was what happened after the crash: Bitcoin’s price began to steadily climb back to […]

BTC-e now processing withdrawals to Visa and MasterCard

Posted on 21st March, 2014

Thanks to a new withdrawal system recently announced by BTC-e, one of the biggest roadblocks to mainstream bitcoin adoption may soon be a thing of the past. Starting today, BTC-e customers can withdraw their funds to any country in the world through their Visa or MasterCard. This development has huge implications for the bitcoin community. […]