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Chamber of Digital Commerce to be first recipient of Overstock BTC donation program

Posted on 5th September, 2014

In a recent Gigaom profile of’s bitcoin adoption, CEO Patrick Byrne let slip an interesting detail about the company’s plan to donate 4% of BTC sales to a different bitcoin charity or foundation every month. According to the article, the first recipient of the plan will be the newly minted bitcoin political advocacy group […]

Publicly traded bitcoin company DigitalBTC claims $4 million in revenue in first quarterly report

Posted on 29th August, 2014

Australia’s first publicly traded bitcoin mining and exchange company digitalBTC released a preliminary final yearly report today, revealing an estimated revenue of $4 million U.S. over three months of operations. The company’s normalized earnings were around $2.5 million for the same period, with a profit of about $600,000. Interestingly, digitalBTC actually reported a net loss […]

Chamber of Digital Commerce forms political action committee to steer Washington’s bitcoin position

Posted on 25th August, 2014

The Hill reported today that the recently formed bitcoin-business advocacy group the Chamber of Digital Commerce has formally registered a new political spending group with the Federal Election Commission. Chamber CEO Perianne Boring, a former White House intern and legislative analyst for Rep. Dennis Ross (R-FL), told The Hill that the political action committee (PAC) […]

Report: Chamber of Digital Commerce to advocate for bitcoin regulation

Posted on 21st July, 2014

Speaking at the North American Bitcoin Conference (NABC) on Satuday, Forbes columnist and former congressional staffer Perianne Boring announced plans to create a “Chamber of Digital Commerce” to advocate for sensible bitcoin regulations at the federal level. The move follows the initiation of pro-cryptocurrency lobbying efforts by Falcon Global Capital in May, and a more […]