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Nonprofit giant United Way partners with Coinbase

Posted on 15th September, 2014

In terms of donations received, the United Way Worldwide is the largest privately held nonprofit organization, raising over $5 billion per year. With over 1,800 offices in 45 countries, and with 2.8 million volunteers, United Way is also a titanically large and truly global organization. As of today, it also accepts bitcoin through a new […]

BitGive Foundation becomes first tax-exempt bitcoin charity in U.S.

Posted on 25th August, 2014

The BitGive Foundation announced today that it has been officially granted 501(c)(3) status from the IRS, making it the first tax-exempt bitcoin charity in the U.S. The organization is now able to provide a tax deduction to donors, including those who donate directly in BTC, greatly enhancing the potential for fundraising. With their new tax […]