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CheapAir crosses $1.5 million in bitcoin sales

Posted on 17th July, 2014

Late last year, online discount travel agency made waves in the bitcoin world when it announced it would begin experimenting with bitcoin. The company’s partnership with Coinbase makes it one of the first major supporters of bitcoin payments, anticipating later moves by TigerDirect, Overstock and Expedia. That early adoption appears has paid off. On […]

E-commerce platform Shopify launches full Coinbase integration

Posted on 15th July, 2014

Shopify is one of the giants of the e-commerce world, enabling easy-to-implement shopping carts for over 100,000 websites. If you’ve ever ordered merchandise directly from the website of a band, sports team or popular website, odds are that their store was powered by Shopify. Starting today, all of those online stores will be able to […]

Coinbase announces new “vaults” for long-term storage

Posted on 2nd July, 2014

This morning, Coinbase unveiled a product called “The Vault.” As the name implies, the service adds a wealth of options for customers looking for long-term, high-security bitcoin storage solutions. Using a similar interface to Coinbase’s popular online wallet, Vault accounts allow for timed-locked withdrawals, multiple withdrawal approvals. Unlike Coinbase’s current simple two-factor-authentication user-verification system, Vault […]

Coinbase partners with 1-800-FLOWERS

Posted on 1st July, 2014

While the tech world was all abuzz with the news that Newegg is now accepting bitcoin, Coinbase quietly announced a partnership with an eye towards the mainstream audience: 1-800-FLOWERS. The floral and gift delivery service isn’t exactly small a mom-and-pop flower shop, with a net revenue of $735 million in 2013. Perhaps more importantly, however, […]

Coinbase offers “bits” option, instant BTC buyback and new mobile site

Posted on 22nd June, 2014

It has been a very busy week for Coinbase. On Wednesday, the bitcoin payment processing giant unveiled their new mobile site. The move comes as Coinbase gave its official nod of approval to an unofficial iOS app entering the iTunes App Store. With bitcoin’s future on iOS still dependent on each company being in Apple’s […]

REEDS Jewelers partners with Coinbase

Posted on 11th June, 2014

Another high-profile client has joined with Coinbase to accept bitcoin: Wilmington, NC,-based jewelry retailer REEDS Jewelers. The company isn’t on the same level as other high-profile national merchants like Overstock, Expedia or Dish Network, but with an estimated $109 million in annual revenue, it’s also not exactly small mom-and-pop store. REEDS will offer bitcoin buying […]

Travel giant adopts bitcoin payments

Posted on 11th June, 2014

Online travel giant Expedia announced today that it will soon accept bitcoin through a partnership with Coinbase. Rumors that a “major hospitality website” was on the verge of adopting bitcoin payments have been circulating for the past few weeks. The company, which had $4.7 billion in revenue last year, joins Overstock and Dish Network as […]

Coinbase announces partnership with DISH network

Posted on 29th May, 2014

Thanks to a new payment partnership with Coinbase, the DISH network now accepts bitcoin payments. With a reach of over fourteen million subscribers, DISH is one of the most recognized brands in the U.S. The direct-broadcast service provider’s satellite dishes are commonplace, particularly outside of metropolitan areas were cable and high-speed phone infrastructure isn’t profitable […]