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DISH offically launches bitcoin payments

Posted on 14th August, 2014

In May, Dish Network made headlines across the tech media for becoming the largest company to date to adopt bitcoin payments. The announcement did come with a caveat: Although the company’s partnership with Coinbase was formalized, actual payment integration wasn’t expected for several months as DISH worked out the kinks in the new system. After […]

Bitcoin above $600 threshold for the first time since March

Posted on 30th May, 2014

As bitcoin’s current rally heads into its 10th day, prices have skyrocketed up from yesterday’s $570 range to well above $600. Average prices have risen 34% from the previous month’s stagnant $440 range. Bitcoin prices haven’t been above the $600 threshold since March 21, as ongoing downward pressure from Chinese regulators and other factors pushed […]

Coinbase announces partnership with DISH network

Posted on 29th May, 2014

Thanks to a new payment partnership with Coinbase, the DISH network now accepts bitcoin payments. With a reach of over fourteen million subscribers, DISH is one of the most recognized brands in the U.S. The direct-broadcast service provider’s satellite dishes are commonplace, particularly outside of metropolitan areas were cable and high-speed phone infrastructure isn’t profitable […]