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Simon Fraser University launches bitcoin-donation program

Posted on 28th August, 2014

Canada’s Simon Fraser University (SFU) announced a new bitcoin-donation program, making it the first post-secondary school in the country to directly work with digital currency. The program was launched with a BTC donation equivalent to $6,000 CAD from SFU alumnus Scott Nelson and Simon Fraser Bitcoin Club president Mike Yeung. Those initial funds will be […]

Wikimedia Foundation raises $140,000 in bitcoin donations in first week

Posted on 7th August, 2014

The Wikimedia Foundation was relatively slow to adopt bitcoin, taking months to approve the no-risk donation method after founder Jimmy Wales give the digital currency the thumbs up back in March. Some within the foundation had expressed concern that bitcoin’s user base was simply “too small” to justify the time and expense of integrating bitcoin […]

BitPay announces FEC-compliant bitcoin donation processing in advance of mid-term elections

Posted on 25th July, 2014

In a blog post published yesterday, Atlanta-based bitcoin payment processor BitPay announced a new initiative to help make cryptocurrency a meaningful force in the upcoming mid-term elections. The post noted that many politically focused organizations would like to accept bitcoin following the Federal Election Commission approving it for in-kind donations earlier this year, but said […]

Congressional candidate Dan Elder vows to only accept bitcoin in coming election

Posted on 12th July, 2014

In May, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) voted to approve bitcoin donations under the existing statutes for in-kind campaign contributions, opening the door for the use of cryptocurrency as a political tool. Thus far, however, most politicians have viewed bitcoin contributions in much the same way businesses have: A novel way to gain some media […]

Bitcoin-friendly congressman has raised $1500 in BTC since FEC approval

Posted on 15th May, 2014

Last week, the Federal Election Commission approved bitcoin for in-kind donations in political campaigns and political action committees (PACs). Not surprisingly, one of bitcoin’s biggest champions in D.C., Colorado Representative Jared Polis, began accepting BTC on his website almost immediately. Thus far, the contributions have been nothing to scoff at: 39 donators had sent Polis […]

Bitcoin donations approved by Federal Exchange Commission

Posted on 9th May, 2014

After months of delay, the US Federal Exchange Commission (FEC) has ruled that political campaigns and political action committees (PACs) can accept bitcoin donations. The FEC’s draft advisory opinion originated from a request from Make Your Laws PAC, Inc. (MYL), and treats bitcoin donations as in-kind donations rather than cash donations. Under the ruling, bitcoin […]