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Bitmain Blamed For Falling AMD And Nvidia Stock Price Projections

Posted on 26th March, 2018

At least one major tech-sector analyst is predicting a serious decline in sales for graphics card manufacturers in the second half of 2018, and they’re pointing the blame squarely at Bitmain. In a report to clients released today, Susquehanna analyst Christopher Rolland explained that recent demand for both AMD and Nvidia GPUs has been largely […]

Asian giants new regulations for the cryptocurrency market

Posted on 8th January, 2018

Since late November 2017, South Korea has looked to regulate cryptocurrency trading in domestic exchanges. South Korea’s primary financial regulator is in discussions with counterparts in China and Japan toward the regulation of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. South Korea is the world’s third largest market in bitcoin trading, after Japan and the U.S., and the largest […]

The Blockchain fundamentals

Posted on 26th October, 2017

Blockchain has come a long way in eight years, with 2017 signaling the start of a paradigm shift in mainstream understanding of the technology. Blockchain-backed currencies have caught fire over the past nine months, partly in anticipation of major disruptions in the financial industry as a result of the distributed ledger. Blockchain’s appeal has helped […]

Interview with Niсk Evdokimov – co-founder of ICOBox

Posted on 22nd August, 2017

BitcoinX: So, who are you and what is your position at ICOS? ICOS: Niсk Evdokimov, a co-founder of ICOBox. BitcoinX: Tell us –  what is ICOS? What is the main idea behind the project and why did you decide to start it? ICOS: Founded in 2017, ICOBox offers fixed-price services to projects seeking to sell […]

Interview with Sergei – CEO of Ahoolee Project

Posted on 22nd August, 2017

BitcoinX: So, tell us who you are and what your position is at AHOOLEE? AHOOLEE: My name is Sergei and I’m a CEO of Ahoolee project. BitcoinX: Tell us –  what is AHOOLEE? What is the main idea behind the project and why did you decide to start it? AHOOLEE: Ahoolee is the world’s first search […]

Interview with Fran Villalba Segarra – CEO of INTERNXT

Posted on 21st August, 2017

BitcoinX: Thank you for taking the time to chat with us today. So, tell us who you are and what your position is at INTERNXT? INTERNXT: I am Fran Villalba Segarra, Founder & CEO at Internxt. I’m 20 years old, and love new-tech and entrepreneurship, amongst others. I started with smaller online projects at the age […]

Ethereum, rising star!

Posted on 15th August, 2017

Ether is the second most valuable form of digital money after bitcoin. Ethereum is a rising star in the world of cryptocurrencies, entirely digital forms of currency that grew in popularity after the creation of bitcoin. A cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency created through encryption. A cryptocurrency has no physical form — like […]

Report: Bitcoin’s technology could revolutionize voting

Posted on 31st March, 2014

In a report published today on, writer Christopher Malmo considers the potential of using bitcoin’s trustless, consensus-based software as a means to completely reshape the one thing that’s even thornier than the finance system: Democracy. One of the most promising applications of new crypto tech lies in creating transparent, efficient systems for making political […]