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More bitcoin lobbyists in DC? Falcon Global Capital takes aim at Congress

Posted on 25th May, 2014

On Friday, DC-based news outlet The Hill reported that Falcon Global Capital (FGC) had filed lobbying registration paperwork. According to the filing, the firm plans for FGC founder and managing director Brett Stapper to act as the key lobbyist, focusing on issues related to “crypto-graphic based currency markets.” No other organizations are named in the […]

Falcon Global Capital bids on seized Silk Road Bitcoins

Posted on 25th February, 2014

When the FBI took down the original Silk Road operation last October, it also seized 29,655 Bitcoin from the site. At peak prices, the seized coins were worth $35.5 million, but thanks to the volatility of the current market, they’re currently worth less than half that amount. Last month, the US Attorney’s Office of the […]