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$309 BTC-e flash crash adds to bitcoin margin-trading concerns

Posted on 18th August, 2014

Last week, for still-unclear reasons, bitcoin’s price dropped dramatically. In the days since, blame for the “flash crash” has fallen squarely on the relatively new phenomenon of cryptocurrency derivatives, and on margin trading in particular. Adding further fuel to that argument was what happened after the crash: Bitcoin’s price began to steadily climb back to […]

Is today’s price crash solely the result of a new bitcoin derivates market?

Posted on 14th August, 2014

While most of the Western bitcoin trading world was asleep this morning, the bitcoin market was inexplicably crashing. Around 3 a.m. EST, a series of largely automated events on BitFinex caused the price to collapse from the $525 range to a staggering $451. While the drop lasted for a matter of seconds, the price has […]