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A year later, Forbes revisits “Living On Bitcoin” series

Posted on 6th May, 2014

In May of 2013, Forbes writer Kashmir Hill spent a week living on bitcoin. Or trying to, at least. With bitcoin still little known outside of tech and black-market circles, and the media attention around the late 2013 price boom still months away, Hill struggled to find merchants who had even heard of bitcoin, never […]

Forbes: “You don’t need a Nobel Prize to be wrong about Bitcoin …”

Posted on 3rd March, 2014

In a commentary piece published on Forbes yesterday, tech reporter Mark Rogowsky called out Nobel Prize winning New York Times economists Paul Krugman and Robert Shiller about their flawed views on Bitcoin. Rogowsky focused on two highly cited articles, Krugman’s “Bitcoin is Evil” and Shiller’s “In Search of a Stable Electronic Currency”, for his takedown […]

Bitcoin hit by “massive and concerted” DDoS attack

Posted on 12th February, 2014

Following an already rough week of falling prices, Forbes reports that Bitcoin suffered another blow yesterday after the detection of a “massive and concerted” distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on the block chain and related software. The attack focuses on a vulnerability known as “transaction malleability,” which allows records of transactions to be changed, […]