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Cryptocurrency Regulation To Take Center Stage At G20 Summit

Posted on 18th December, 2017

Global regulatory discussions on bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs may begin to take shape as early as April, 2018. On Sunday, France’s Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire told French news channel LCI that he aims to propose a “discussion all together on the question of bitcoin” during the upcoming G20 summit. Given Le Maire’s tone during […]

New report suggests France is considering bitcoin regulation

Posted on 4th August, 2014

Late last month, the French Senate’s finance committee held a meeting about the future of digital currencies in the country, addressing many of the challenges presented by cryptocurrencies for both regulators and the existing finance infrastructure. This week, the French Senate released a follow-up report, outlining a regulatory framework for bitcoin and similar networks. The […]

Report: French authorities seize 388 BTC from “illegal” exchange

Posted on 7th July, 2014

In a story published this morning by Reuters, French officials in Cannes and Nice arrested two men in connection with an “illegal” bitcoin exchange, seizing 388 BTC (roughly $240,000). The men, whose names have not been released, face charges of “illegal banking, money laundering and illegally operating a gambling website.” The exchange’s name and website […]

French officials confirm bitcoin is taxable

Posted on 27th April, 2014

Although bitcoin currently has no legal status in France, the French Ministry of Economy and Finance has confirmed that any revenue from digital currency in the county is subject to taxation. Speaking with French news outlet Le Monde, a representative from the Ministry explained that there was no obligation to declare bitcoin earnings specifically, and […]

‘La Maison du Bitcoin’ to open in Paris in May

Posted on 22nd April, 2014

French bitcoin entrepreneurs Thomas France and Eric Larchev√™que recently announced the launch of La Maison du Bitcoin (‘The House of Bitcoin’), a cryptocurrency technology and culture hub located in the heart of Paris. Slated to open on May 13, the center will include a meeting, workshop and co-working space for bitcoin startups, as well housing […]