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Mobile Wallet App Round-Up: Blockchain, Chain iOS and Hive

Posted on 19th July, 2014

When bitcoin’s battle for mass adoption and marketshare against credit cards and cash happens, the skirmishes won’t take place on notebooks and desktops, it will take place in the brick and mortar world with mobile apps. One sign that this seemingly inevitable event it drawing closer is the booming ecosystem of mobile wallet apps. Now […]

Mac OS walletmakers Hive launch BIP 70-integrated Android wallet

Posted on 14th May, 2014

In terms of mainstream adoption, the BIP 70 protocol is a big deal. Instead of requiring users and merchants to work with 34-character, randomly generated bitcoin addresses and long confirmation times, BIP 70 generates human-readable confirmation codes and vastly improves how confirmations are handled. Although the BIP 70 protocol was implemented in the Bitcoin Core […]