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Time to Start Looking at ICO

Posted on 3rd November, 2017

If you have any type of a connection to the cryptocurrency industry, you have become extremely aware of ICO’s. They are the most popular topic right now because everyone just wants to buy coins in hopes of major returns. It is gambling at its finest.   ICO is a relatively new concept of raising funds […]

Interview with Petr Belousov – CEO of Confideal

Posted on 24th October, 2017

Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed about your project and ICO. We will publish this interview as an article on the site. Please send an image of the person you would like the interview to be attributed to. BitcoinX: Thank you for taking the time to chat with us today. So, tell us who […]

Neo & Bee Moves Forward With Reverse ICO

Posted on 15th September, 2017

After years of total silence, failed bitcoin startup Neo & Bee is finding its way back into the spotlight for doing the one thing no one expected: Repaying investors. Last month, the long-shuttered “bitcoin bank” sent out emails inviting shareholders to access a new “redemption portal” for “NEOBEE” tokens. (Full disclosure: This reporter owns a […]

China’s ICO “Ban” May Actually Be A “Pause”

Posted on 13th September, 2017

Last week, Chinese financial regulators sent shockwaves across the cryptocurrency world when reports surfaced that authorities were preparing for a crackdown on ICOs and exchanges in the country. Although hardly surprising given the Chinese government’s often tense relationship with the booming blockchain sector, many suspected that the so-called “ban” on ICOs wasn’t quite what it […]

Russia Reverses Stance on ICOs

Posted on 11th September, 2017

Late last week, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov told reporters that his ministry was drafting plans to regulate both cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs). The move comes as a surprise, as only last year the ministry proposed criminal charges — with a maximum sentence of seven years in jail — for those dealing in […]

Meet Anton Galenovich – Leader of DAO IPCI Team

Posted on 3rd September, 2017

BitcoinX: Thank you for taking the time to chat with us today. So, tell us who you are and what your position is at DAO IPCI? DAO IPCI: Anton Galenovich – leader of DAO IPCI Team. BitcoinX: Tell us – what is DAO IPCI? What is the main idea behind the project and why did you […]

Getting Real About Estonia’s Government-Backed ICO

Posted on 30th August, 2017

Last week, the tiny Baltic nation of Estonia found itself at the heart of the cryptocurrency and ICO rumor mill. In a post on Medium, the managing director of Estonia’s e-Residency program, Kaspar Korjus, said that the country was considering the possibility of launching its very own ICO. The proposed token — tentatively named “Estcoin” […]

Interview with CEO of Crystal Clear Services (CCT)

Posted on 29th August, 2017

BitcoinX: Thank you for taking the time to chat with us today. So, tell us who you are and what your position is at CRYSTAL CLEAR SERVICES? CRYSTAL CLEAR SERVICES: I’m the founder and CEO of Crystal Clear Services BitcoinX: Tell us – what is CRYSTAL CLEAR SERVICES? What is the main idea behind the project […]

ICO Scene Overview: August 2017

Posted on 28th August, 2017

Only a few years ago, the idea of treating bitcoin as a serious investment was, to the financial mainstream at least, laughable. Why take a risk on this digital funny money when there were “real” currencies to invest in? Looking back, those experts and talking heads couldn’t have been more wrong.