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Investors File Class Action Lawsuit Against ATB Coin

Posted on 29th December, 2017

Last week, attorneys representing ATB Coin investors filed a class-action suit in the Southern District of New York, seeking damages from ATB Coin founders Edward Ng and Herbert W. Hoover. The plaintiffs claim that ATB Coin intentionally misled investors about the technological capabilities of the ATB Coin project, the potential for investment losses, and the […]

Kanye West wins lawsuit over “Coinye” alt-coin

Posted on 24th July, 2014

Coinye is officially dead. Not that many people will be surprised, or even care for that matter. As the first significant lawsuit connecting trademark law to distributed cryptocurrency, however, it’s a moment worth noting. In January of this year, a group of bitcoin griefers decided that it was time to level their gaze at controversial […]

U.S. Court freezes assets of Mt.Gox CEO Karpeles

Posted on 12th March, 2014

In a temporary order issued yesterday in Chicago by U.S. District Judge Gary Feinerman, all U.S. assets held by both Mt.Gox and CEO Mark Karpeles are frozen for at least the next two weeks. Bloomberg reports that all “money and property belonging to the affiliate, its ultimate corporate parent, Tibanne KK, and principal Mark Karpeles” […]

Mt.Gox offically files for bankruptcy, annouces 850,000 BTC loss

Posted on 28th February, 2014

Mt.Gox CEO Mark Karpeles ended weeks of speculation today, formally announcing at a press conference in Tokyo that his long-troubled Bitcoin exchange will be filing for bankruptcy protection. The filing claims that Mt.Gox has an outstanding debt of ¥6.5 billion, or roughly $63.6 million. Karpeles also confirmed the loss of roughly 750,000 customer Bitcoins, as […]