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BitOcean and Atlas ATS announce bid to buy Mt.Gox assets

Posted on 15th July, 2014

As the burned-out husk of Mt.Gox winds its way through the Japanese bankruptcy system, a new partnership between Chinese ATM maker BitOcean and New York-based exchange-platform provider Atlas ATS will soon be vying for its assets. The company, BitOcean Japan, was profiled by the Wall Street Journal yesterday. According to the story, the partnership has […] domain name to be auctioned off, proceeds split with Mt.Gox creditors

Posted on 9th July, 2014

Later this month, the domain name will go onto the auction block. U.S.-based auction house Heritage Auctions will be selling off the domain to the highest bidder at a special event called Domain Names Signature Auction on July 24 in Dallas. Owned by Mt.Gox CEO Mark Karpeles through Mt.Gox’s parent company, Tibanne K.K., the […]

Report: Mt.Gox paid parent company $200K after bankruptcy

Posted on 7th July, 2014

Did Mt.Gox pay its parent company, Tibanne K.K., roughly $200,000 in fees for “services rendered”? According to a document leaked by Mt.Gox tracking website, the failed Tokyo bitcoin exchange moved the funds on May 26, with court-appointed bankruptcy trustee Nobuaki Kobayashi approving the transfer. While Mt.Gox’s funds are seized pending the results of the […]

Mt.Gox CEO Mark Karpeles breaks silence on failed exchange

Posted on 27th June, 2014

There are few people in the bitcoin community in need of a public-relations makeover more than Mark Karpeles. As the sole person in charge of the code when Mt.Gox lost roughly $500,000,000 in customer deposits, Karpeles has become the target of ridicule, anger, death threats, lawsuits and criminal investigations. While all of that is completely […]

Mt.Gox Chapter 15 bankruptcy filing approved by U.S. judge

Posted on 18th June, 2014

The complex and glacially slow international bankruptcy process for shuttered bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox made significant progress yesterday when Judge Stacey Jernigan have final approval to the company’s Chapter 15 filing. The decision will allow Nobuaki Kobayashi, the court-appointed trustee in the Japanese case, to move forward with his investigation, as well as consider potential bids […]

Report: CoinLab drops Mt.Gox bankruptcy filing objection

Posted on 10th June, 2014

Last month, Seattle-based bitcoin services company CoinLab filed an objection to a plan that begin the rehabilitation of shuttered Tokyo-based exchange Mt.Gox. Late last week, however, CoinLab announced that it was withdrawing its objection and is now supporting the Chapter 15 bankruptcy filing. The Wall Street Journal reports that while CoinLab does not change the […]

Mt.Gox parent company Tibanne to sell off “bitcoin” trademark and domain

Posted on 28th May, 2014

Named after Mark Karpeles’s cat, Mt.Gox parent company Tibanne owned more than a shockingly insecure bitcoin exchange. The company also held the Japanese and European Union trademarks on the word “bitcoin,” as well as the now-quite-valuable domain name. With all of Mt.Gox’s operations effectively dead, save for a sliver of hope by some that […]

Proposed Mt.Gox plan slapped with objection by CoinLab

Posted on 27th May, 2014

Long before Mt.Gox revealed that lost hundreds of millions of dollars in customer funds due to bad coding, security issues and negligence, the Tokyo-based exchange was involved in another high-profile case with Seattle-based virtual-currency startup CoinLab. With a proposed plan to settle most of Mt.Gox’s bankruptcy debits working its way through the international legal system, […]

Report: U.S. District Judge approves prelimary Mt.Gox settlement

Posted on 15th May, 2014

At a hearing in federal court yesterday, U.S. District Judge Gary Feinerman gave Sunlot Holdings and a collection of Mt.Gox creditors preliminary approval to move forward with a settlement plan for the defunct Tokyo-based bitcoin exchange. Under the agreement, Sunlot and its partners would acquire Mt.Gox’s debits and assets for a single bitcoin. The move […]

U.S. bankruptcy bid delays Mt.Gox settlement

Posted on 3rd May, 2014

A proposed plan to revive the shuttered Mt.Gox exchange hit a roadblock today, as presiding Judge Gary Feinerman opted to delay further deliberation on the matter until May 13th. The delay was requested by Mt.Gox’s defense team, arguing that such a settlement would unfairly hinder CEO Mark Karpeles and parent company Tibanne KK in other […]