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Overstock’s Security Token Exchange Slated For Launch Next Month

Posted on 10th April, 2018

After more than three years of development, blockchain-powered tokenized security exchange tZERO appears to be on the verge of a full public debut. The project released series of videos yesterday, demonstrating how tokenized versions of stocks and other securities can be bought, sold, and traded on the platform. While some cryptocurrency exchanges currently allow […]

What is Overstock’s “top secret” bitcoin project?

Posted on 14th September, 2014

Something very big appears to be in the works at Details are few, but at least two key facts are known: It’s a “top secret project” requiring a “high degree of discretion,” and it’s very clearly being built with cryptocurrency in mind. According to a series of job postings made on the company’s Careers […]

Overstock becomes first major company to enable global bitcoin payments

Posted on 11th September, 2014

Last month, claimed it was on the verge of adding a bitcoin payment option to their global retail site. After a 10-day delay (the launch was planned for September 1), Overstock quietly enabled the BTC-payment system early this morning. Although Overstock is hardly the first company to accept bitcoin payments from anywhere in […]

Chamber of Digital Commerce to be first recipient of Overstock BTC donation program

Posted on 5th September, 2014

In a recent Gigaom profile of’s bitcoin adoption, CEO Patrick Byrne let slip an interesting detail about the company’s plan to donate 4% of BTC sales to a different bitcoin charity or foundation every month. According to the article, the first recipient of the plan will be the newly minted bitcoin political advocacy group […]

Overstock confirms Sept. 1 launch of international bitcoin buying option

Posted on 20th August, 2014

After months of speculation, CEO Patrick Byrne confirmed yesterday that his company will be enabling buy-with-bitcoin options on their international site,, starting Sept. 1. Although the move was known to be the works since July, the date of the bitcoin-buying service expansion wasn’t known beyond a general “within a few months” estimate. The […]

Overstock CEO claims bitcoin sales will add 4 cents per share to year-end earnings

Posted on 13th August, 2014

According to a report published today by Reuters, Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne estimates that bitcoin sales will account for 4 cents in profit per share of the company in 2014. Byrne told the news outlet that current EPS projections for the company are 75-80 cents per share, making bitcoin’s contribution far from insignificant. The company […]

Overstock planning to pay employee bonuses in bitcoin

Posted on 1st August, 2014

In an interview with Mashable, online retailer dropped a new bitcoin bombshell: The company is considering paying employee bonuses in BTC. Spokesman Judd Bagley told Mashable that the company is working out the logistics in advance of the end-of-year bonuses. The bitcoin-bonus program will be optional, although the bonuses will be higher than the […]

Report: Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne says company exploring digital stock offering

Posted on 31st July, 2014

On Tuesday, bitcoin-accepting online marketplace quietly updated its website to include an open-source wiki page entitled “How to issue a cryptosecurity.” Not surprisingly, rumors began to spread that the Utah-based retailer might be considering issuing a digital security of its own, something that CEO Patrick Byrne has hinted at before. Through such a system, […]

Overstock CEO announces plans to pay employees and vendors in bitcoin

Posted on 4th July, 2014

Speaking on the Free Talk Live podcast from the Porcupine Freedom Festival in New Hampshire, Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne discussed a wide range of bitcoin-related topics, including plans to create an incentive program to encourage his company’s employees and vendors to use bitcoin. “We are going to be bringing online system that let us pay […]

Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne claims bitcoin growing by 25% each month

Posted on 27th May, 2014

Speaking on the Fox Business segment “Opening Bell”, CEO Patrick Byrne explained his long-term view for the virtual currency. During a discussion about the overall state of the online retail economy, host Maria Bartiromo asked Byrne “Where’s the money [in bitcoin]?” “Bitcoin is tiny at this point, but it’s growing about 25% a month,” […]