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Ripple Announces Partnership With MoneyGram

Posted on 12th January, 2018

Yesterday, Dallas-based money transfer company MoneyGram announced a new partnership with San Francisco-based cryptocurrency company Ripple (formerly Ripple Labs). The partnership will allow MoneyGram to test a new, cryptocurrency-based approach to processing international transfers, and is aimed at reducing the high costs for moving money across borders. Given the steady rise of the global remittance […]

New partnership brings bitcoin payments to over 10,000 Indonesian convenience stores

Posted on 3rd September, 2014

A new partnership between Indonesian bitcoin exchange and the Indomaret convenience store chain is set to bring cryptocurrency payments to over 10,000 new locations in the Southeast Asian country. The new service is powered by payment gateway iPaymu, giving bitcoin transactions a serious credibility boost in the region. Using the new system, Indonesians will […]

Igot launches first bitcoin exchange in the UAE

Posted on 29th August, 2014

The first bitcoin exchange in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) opened today, bringing a fully licensed digital currency commercial brokerage to Dubai. The exchange is a branch office of Australia-based bitcoin exchange igot, and is the first stage of a planned expansion into the Middle East and Asia. Although there will be a small staff […]

Payza brings bitcoin-buying option to 190 countries

Posted on 12th August, 2014

Online merchant service and payment processor Payza announced yesterday that will be bringing a new “withdraw funds by bitcoin” option to users in 190 countries. The system effectively makes Payza into a bitcoin brokerage, much like Coinbase, allowing users to instantly buy bitcoin. Although the price is locked at time of payment, purchases are subject […]

Bitcoin ATM maker Lamassu releases open-source platform

Posted on 2nd July, 2014

If Lamassu has its way, bitcoin ATMs may soon be seen as more than a novel way to purchase digital currency. The ATM maker has released a new, open-source software platform today via GitHub that allows ATM owners to set their machines up as airport-style cash exchanges, bill-payment kiosks and remittance terminals, in addition to […]

Kenya’s BitPesa enters beta testing for bitcoin-based remittance service

Posted on 24th May, 2014

It’s hardly a secret that Africa’s remittance fees are some of the highest in the world. In April, a report by the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) revealed that large money-transfer companies like Western Union were charging huge rates in some of Africa’s poorest nations, with average fees of around 12% for sending $200. The ODI […]

Report: Africans “hurt” by high remittance fees

Posted on 17th April, 2014

If there is a single real-world problem that bitcoin could solve, it’s the overwhelming cost of sending money internationally. According to investors like Barry Silbert, it may be bitcoin’s role as an alternative remittance provider that catapult the cryptocurrency into the mainstream. At the moment, remittance fees average between 7 to 9%, creating a real […]

Report: Goldman Sachs claims Bitcoin adoption could save $210 billion in fees

Posted on 12th March, 2014

Make no mistake: Goldman Sachs doesn’t particularly like Bitcoin. But that doesn’t mean the investment banking giant doesn’t see some potential in the virtual currency. In a report published yesterday, Goldman’s chief markets economist Dominic Wilson noted that Bitcoin is not a traditional currency, and is unlikely to ever work as one. Without state control […]