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UBS investment report declares bitcoin “Problematic currency, interesting payment system”

Posted on 28th March, 2014

As one of the top global financial services companies in the world, Switzerland’s UBS manages over $1 trillion in assets. When a company of that size publishes a report on bitcoin, investors the world over pay attention. Today, UBS published a paper titled “Bitcoins and Banks: Problematic currency, interesting payment system” outlining their perspective on […]

Report: Goldman Sachs weighs in on Bitcoin

Posted on 23rd February, 2014

Investment banking giant Goldman Sachs has made an initial assessment of Bitcoin, deeming it “a bit dangerous” as a commercial offering. In a report leaked to TechCrunch, the bank claims that “it has become hard to separate the effect of hype surrounding the currency from its fundamentals.” The Goldman report cites the lack of a […]

Report: Bitcoin price plunge could have been much worse

Posted on 18th February, 2014

How bad have the recent Bitcoin price drops been for the overall market? Not as bad as they would have been six months ago, according to a report from investment firm Wedbush Securities. The 16-page report, titled ‘Bitcoin: Watch the Innovation, Not the Price,’ claims that the Bitcoin market has actually shown a surprising resilience […]

Report: Bitcoins more likely to be spent than hoarded

Posted on 14th February, 2014

According to a recent infographic report in the MIT Technology Review, “hoarded” Bitcoins account for only a tiny fraction of the overall volume of the currency. The overwhelming majority of newly mined coins are spent within 24 hours, the report says, casting doubt on the relevance of the 2012 reports claiming that 78% of the […]