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Bitcoin insiders begin making public 2014 price projections

Posted on 10th July, 2014

For those that view bitcoin as a purely speculative phenomenon, price is everything. Sure, a groundbreaking technology that allows value to be exchanged instantly, anywhere in the world, very nearly for free and without the need for any middlemen or gate keepers is fine, but you generally can’t pay rent with good ideas. Speculators simply […]

Donations to skyrocket after Roger Ver’s Twitter pledge

Posted on 7th July, 2014

In the excitement about the U.S. Marshal Service’s auction of millions of dollars in bitcoin seized from the Silk Road, the situation of its alleged mastermind has gained less attention. Ross Ulbricht, the man the FBI claims ran the Tor-obscured website under the name “Dread Pirate Roberts,” has been awaiting trial since his arrest in […]

Roger Ver turns tables on hacker by offering 37.6 BTC arrest bounty

Posted on 23rd May, 2014

If you’ve been involved with bitcoin for even a brief time, odds are you’ve at least heard the name Roger Ver. The venture capitalist has been involved in seed funding for some of the biggest names in the bitcoin industry — Kraken, Blockchain, Ripple and the Bitcoin Foundation, just to start — earning him the […]