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Bitcoin companies react to “Heartbleed” OpenSSL bug

Posted on 8th April, 2014

Computer security specialists and IT managers the world over have been racing to implement emergency fixes today for the “Heartbleed” security flaw in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library. The bug allows an attacker to gather data in 64 kilobyte blocks, slowly gathering a wealth of theoretically encrypted data. Although the most likely targets of […]

Cryptocurrency-mining malware spreads on Linux machines

Posted on 24th March, 2014

A new version of malware worm is causing headaches for Linux users across the internet. Last year, Symantec identified a PHP-exploiting worm called “Linux.Darlloz” which was popping up on non-PC Linux devices like routers and security cameras. The worm was a security specialist’s nightmare, but most vulnerable devices could be easily patched with a simple […]

Linux flaw may be Bitcoin security risk

Posted on 6th March, 2014

During a recent audit of the cryptographic program GnuTLS, Red Hat analysts discovered a “critical” bug that would allow attackers to bypass secure sockets layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) protections. The flaw in the GnuTLS library allows attackers to eavesdrop on encrypted traffic, opening up the potential for stolen passwords and more damaging […]